"Our Happy Pill" - Skirt

  • 100% Silk Satin
  • Gather & Panel Detailing 
  • Covered Buttons
  • NZ Made

For all of the colour lovers, this one's a dream! And for all the colour haters this could be a nightmare, but a nightmare you will love. The most beautiful silk satin, digitally printed on the matte side of the silk, so the focus is always on the colours and design. Each skirts is unique as the print is different on every garment. You'll be the life of the party, we can count on it.  

"This is our most treasured piece we have designed yet. Not just because of its elegancy and versatility but because of its meaning. We worked with @hattieoliveart to design a print based on both of our experiences and life thus far. There is so much meaning and thought that has gone into this print and we couldn't be more proud of how this design and print resembles us as individuals and MARY & MASON. We named this skirt "OUR HAPPY PILL" because that's how we have described creating MARY & MASON. It has helped us in ways nobody could ever understand."

Love Sophie & Charlotte X

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