“We wish to make a positive impact in our community and industry by influencing change, socially, environmentally and ethically.”

At MARY & MASON we pride ourselves on doing the best we can for our people, environment and ourselves. We want to influence more than just fashion, we love our garments and we are proud of what we have been able to create.

“Our clothing is a visual manifestation of our thoughts and experiences. We want to be able to talk about things we have both experienced throughout our lives and connect with our audience through these conversations.”

At MARY & MASON we want to educate and show other businesses and people that it’s possible and feasible to do the right thing for both our planet and people.

We want to build a platform for ourselves where we can openly talk about personal ups and downs, what is happening in the world and how we perceive the fashion industry. We want to be able to identify struggles that are happening in the world and shed personal experience and advice by integrating these into MARY & MASON.


We're straight up, transparent and we do what's right by our people and our customers. We value everyone for who they are, and treat people with respect. At the same time we have established a culture where we know it's important to be able to have a laugh and accept some things for what they are.



We focus on our customers and the planet from start to finish. Our process is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We aren't "just another retail brand" that deliver low quality products to serve a short term purpose. Learn more about our process and what goes into your quality goods.