MARY & MASON is built on community. We are transparent, open and honest with everything we do. We are a label for everyone. Our people and community are at the centre of all our decisions.

Our hard work is only achieved because of the support of our network. We value the time and hard work of our Makers, Suppliers, Friends, Family and everyone in between.

We are dedicated to delivering the best products and showing you how we got there, through the ups and downs. Starting MARY & MASON was not an easy venture, at the beginning we had a vision but struggled to understand how we could get there. We learnt soon enough that networking and openly talking to people got us closer to what we were working so hard for.


The people around us are integral to who we are and where we have come from. Our mission, vision and journey has been shaped by our own experiences and the learnings from those around us. Learn more about the people and personalities behind MARY & MASON.



We have met each of our New Zealand based suppliers individually and know their production process. In some cases sourcing products from New Zealand isn’t feasible. In these cases we have been lucky enough to find overseas suppliers who share the same values as us. Find out more about our suppliers below.



Iona Woolgrove (the clothing wizard) is what we like to call her, she is the powerhouse of MARY & MASON. After having troubles in the beginning finding someone who would be able to help us make our designs and ideas come to life, we found Umsiko.

In 2015 Umsiko launched a New Zealand owned and operated fashion manufacturing house located in the heart of Wellington. Umsiko provides the New Zealand fashion industry with quality design and manufacturing from its production headquarters in Wellington. Designer Iona Woolgrove is inspired by fabrics and works instinctively, turning intricate designs into wearable fashion.

Iona Woolgrove the clothing wizard in her workshop with design files in the background