The people around us are integral to who we are and where we have come from. Our mission, vision and journey has been shaped by our own experiences and the learnings from those around us. Learn more about the people and personalities behind Mary & Mason.



From a small desk in Te Aro, Zoë designs and makes a range of gold, silver and platinum jewellery. Small collections of her own compliment the service offered for one of a kind, custom-made pieces.

Zoë uses a variety of traditional and modern techniques. Taking advantage of new technologies such as CAD and matching those with a keen eye and an extensive set of bench skills - this creates endless opportunities for her clients to make any bespoke piece they desire.

Materials are ethically sourced, recycling old stones and metal wherever possible. In the workshop, all processes are kept as natural as can be, minimising any adverse effects on our beautiful environment.




Seb is a long loved friend of both of ours, we only saw it fitting that he would be a part of our process when bringing MARY & MASON together. In our school days the three of us were often getting into trouble in the design room because Seb would be “making beats” while we were two easily distracted students with “lots of potential”. 

Born and raised in Masterton, and now based in Auckland having returned from LA due to COVID, IPSY is one to watch. After biding his time in the Soundcloud arena as a strictly electronic/instrumental music creator, IPSY has diversified and combined many aspects of R&B and pop with a heavy electronic foundation to create his own unique, genre-bending style.




Dean has recently started Spang Digital to help friends and family with e-Commerce, Web Design and Marketing. He's supported us with the design, implementation and management of our online store.

Spang Digital is a spare time gig that he does alongside his job at Trade Me NZ. With over ten years working in the industry, he has extensive knowledge across a wide range of digital marketing, web and analytics platforms and gets a real buzz from helping others.

"It's been really cool to support Soph and Chaz as they kick start Mary & Mason's online store."




I grew up always loving art especially at school, however, I could never invisage a career out of it. I then took the chance to go study fine arts at Massey University, and decided becoming an art teacher was my next step.

I have learnt more about different art processes and mediums on the job than I did at art school. I fell in love with the kids so my art has taken a back seat but is slowly ramping up. One day I would like to be able to make a living from selling my artwork.

I was very lucky to have the education I had and I regret not taking more opportunities at art school to learn and experience art, but I just wasn’t in that head space at the time. As I learn more about myself and I am exposed to creative problem solving, my knowledge around art constantly evolves. I like to think that as an artist I don’t fit into a genre. I can be a painter, a crafter, a sculptor at any given moment. What I really do enjoy is working with colour and the rest follows.




Jane is a Wellington based stylist and creative. She studied fashion styling and trend casting in Florence, Italy before returning back to NZ to collaborate and connect with the other talented creatives. Jane fell in love with fashion as a little girl playing with fashion books where you can design and create a million different outfits, sticking them all over her house to create lots of mini photo shoots. Now Jane gets to work with the real thing and it's even more exciting. Jane has a relaxed, fun and personal approach to styling, wanting you to feel awesome in the clothes, just like the designer imagined. 


Pete Blaxter


Peter started photography in the early 80’s while working for a newspaper. He then studied for 3 years for his associate diploma in Photography at Canberra Institute of Technology, before traveling overseas & working as a photographic assistant.

On returning to Aust he continued to assist a number of well-known fashion photographers in Sydney, before working for himself in the late 90’s. Following a move to NZ in 2000 he began working in conservation. Recently he has been working with an agency shooting portfolio images for models & projects with local designers