Hello, we are Sophie Mary Stevens and Charlotte Mason, Co-founders of MARY & MASON.

We met at 13 years of age and became good friends through art, design and sewing classes. We have both always been more creatively inclined. We would often chat and giggle at the idea of starting up a business together one day.

The idea of MARY & MASON finally became a possibility when we were both found at a dead end. The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and put everyone and everything at a standstill. We both felt lost and in fear of what’s next. When something like the pandemic happens it really makes you re-think where you are in life and what you REALLY want to do.

We are both very driven and determined people. We have always been passionate about design and fashion and have found that it’s the best and easiest way for us to express ourselves and our experiences.

Our vision for MARY & MASON isn't just to create beautiful lasting garments, but also to create a space for people to learn, share and feel a sense of purpose. We want our brand to be a voice for us and an educational platform to share our experiences. The relationship between personal identity, mental health and the fashion industry is something we want to talk about openly. As two dyslexic people we struggle to put words to our feelings.

We want MARY & MASON to be a visual manifestation of our shared experiences as women, as creatives and to do our bit within the world we live in. Most importantly we will be transparent and share these struggles openly with the wider community and provide a social platform for change.