Our Happy Pill - Print


  " Our Happy Pill " for MARY & MASON, designed by Harriet Olive Stevens

“ Sophie and Charlotte were keen to have me involved as a designer and artist but also as someone who knows them and what they are about on a personal level.

I understood it, I was a part of their journey with them. I knew they were inspired by their childhood memories, which was quite easy for me seeing I shared Sophie's.

One of the first digital explorations of colour I used was jspaint on Dads old box computer. It seemed appropriate to reference those times and create the print using that software which provided an interesting pixelated aesthetic. I worked on it, freaking that the system would crash and I would lose everything I had done.

When it inevitably did, screenshots helped. I found inspiration particularly in the work of Harold Cohen whose work is very playful and childlike. From there I picked out shapes from the images, colour, texture and positive + negative space was a priority for me.

It had to be personal to the girls and representational in some way- you can definitely see forms and decipher words but it is open enough for others to project their own images onto the shapes and make meaning out of the words they see.

I had decided that it was kind of like watching clouds, a nostalgic pastime. People could come back for more and then pick up something else that they hadn’t seen or discover that the shape had morphed and turned into a new narrative entirely. "

297 x 420 mm - A3 Size 

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